Be a caregiver

When there may not be other people who can help, we can offer respite care (planned or short-term) as part of our support for families. 

This is when the child or children are placed with a caregiver for an agreed and regular period of time, for example one weekend a month. We may be able to provide emergency respite care if the child’s parent cannot look after them, for example if they are in hospital.

We try to find a caregiver who best matches the needs of the family. Caregivers are given ongoing support and training and receive a board payment to help cover additional costs.

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Caregiving Process

There is no one particular “type” of person who is better suited to caregiving than any other. The real qualification is whether you can commit yourself wholeheartedly to meeting the child’s needs, be honest, accepting and flexible.

All caregivers are required to undergo an approval process including a police check, a health check, Ministry for Vulnerable Children - Oranga Tamariki checks, referee checks and a home-safety check. 

Caregiver Val says “This has become a passion for me and the joy and fulfillment that you get from helping these children is beyond any words. I urge anyone that has a great caring heart to take this opportunity on as the rewards are beyond belief and better than anything you receive in life.”

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver please contact us on 03 477 0801 or email or read the information booklet.