Oceans Facilitators

Oceans is a grief and loss programme that provides an opportunity for people who are missing someone in their lives to share and learn from others in a group who have experienced a similar loss. 

This could be anyone who: 


OCEANS for Children
OCEANS for Children helps children and young people aged 5 - 16 learn to talk about their experience of grief and loss in a supportive environment. Each group of up to six participants meets for one hour a week for an eight to ten week programme.

OCEANS for Adults
OCEANS for Adults is a peer support programme based on the latest therapeutic model of grief and loss. Each small group of up to six participants meets for two hours a week with trained facilitators for a six-week programme.

We are seeking to expand our Oceans volunteer facilitator team in North Otago and provide opportunities for whānau to negotiate their grief and loss.  

Quality training and support are provided

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