Anglican Family Care  

Anglican Family Care offers free, professional social work support to Otago children and their families.

We visit the families at home and work with parents to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of their children.

We also offer counselling to parents and play therapy to children and adults.

What Does Orange Traffic Light Setting Look Like At AFC?

Things are looking a little different in our AFC offices from this week.
As the country moves to the Orange Traffic Light setting, many of our staff in our offices across Otago are continuing to work in a rotation of office and working-from-home on a week-by-week basis. This may mean your worker may contact you via phone or video call rather than coming to your home, have a chat with them to work out what works best.
General information for everyone coming to our offices – including people donating items (however short a time that they are here):
Please do not come in to see us if you are unwell with anything that is potentially contagious to anyone else e.g. coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy bugs; if you are aware that you should be self-isolating; or if you are awaiting the results of a COVID test.
Please wear a face mask, unless you are exempt (If you wear a face mask to go into the supermarket, you should wear one to come in to see us – even if you are just here for a few minutes).
If you are visiting any of our offices, we expect people to either scan the QR code, or provide their name, address, and phone number for contact tracing. All external professionals will now be asked to produce valid evidence of vaccination.
We are careful about maintaining 2-metre distancing and as such are limiting the number of people in our Dunedin reception area to two people or one whānau group. If you need to wait while someone else is in the reception area, please be patient, and stand well back from the door (maintaining 2-metre distancing from anyone else).
We will make further changes as needed as we move through the Omicron wave. We realise things can be overwhelming at the moment, but please don’t hesitate to contact your worker or any of our team.