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OCEANS Grief and Loss Programme

In 2011, our sister organisation Anglican Care South Canterbury developed a grief and loss programme for children and young people.  The OCEANS Programme, formerly known as Seasons, is unique and based on one of the latest therapeutic models of loss and grief.  Since 2016, Anglican Family Care has been running this programme in Oamaru.

OCEANS is a Grief and Loss programme that provides an opportunity for children or young people who are missing someone in their lives to:
• Share and learn from other children in the group who have experienced a similar loss
• Experience and learn from the programme activities developed to assist young people to cope with loss and change in their lives

Who comes to the OCEANS programme?

Any child or young person aged 5 to 15:
• Experiencing the pain of loss or separation from someone they love
• Whose parent or someone significant in their life has died
• Who has lost a really important friend through death or separation
• Who has lost someone they love but have never really mourned
• Who is trying to manage their painful feelings of loss
• Who is living with a foster family and misses their parents
• Who is missing someone in their life through family separation or divorce

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How will OCEANS help my child?

The OCEANS programme is based on one of the therapeutic models, the Continuing Bonds model of grief and loss. Each group of up to six children or young people is supported through the programme by two trained facilitators.

OCEANS is an eight to ten week programme and each group meets for one hour.

The ten session topics include;
• Introductions
• Coping with my grief feelings
• Telling my story and listening to your story
• Memories and treasures
• Changes
• My strengths
• Looking beyond
• A celebration session


Anglican Family Care runs the OCEANS Grief and Loss Programme for children in Oamaru.  If you live in the Waitaki District and you feel you or others could benefit from our service, please complete the referral form and email to Peggy at or phone 020 459 6900.

OCEANS Referral Form

Family Start

Our Family Start programme is a free and voluntary home visiting programme which provides support to expectant parents and parents of newborn and young children. 

Our focus is the health, education, safety and development of the child and supporting parents to achieve their goals.

Family Start will help:

  • The child to grow strong, learn, stay healthy and have positive relationships
  • Parent’s and caregivers to be more confident about caring for their child
  • Families/Whanau create a strong and positive future for their child

Our workers are committed to working alongside families advocating, affirming and supporting parents in making positive choices for themselves and their children.

For more information please see the Family Start brochure.


If you would like to refer a child to the Family Start programme, please complete the referral form and email it to Sue at