Celebrating 10 Years of Caregiving

By Anglican Family Care | Posted: Sunday December 1, 2019

Viv Robb has been a caregiver for Anglican Family Care for 10 years and we took the opportunity to thank her on behalf of the many families she has supported over this time.

Caregiver Social Worker Ginnie Ravell asked Viv what attracted her to the role, “I wanted to give back to the agency. When I was a parent on my own with three children under the age of three, I needed respite care myself and I was so grateful that a caregiver from Anglican Family Care was there for me. I had such a positive experience with the service, it helped me get some space and my head back on track at such a challenging time in my life.”

Being a caregiver means you need to care about children, have a sense of humour (and a bit of patience), be willing and able to open your home to a child or young person to help them feel welcomed and cared for.

The caregiving relationship is a special one and can be really rewarding. And respite care doesn’t last forever; the idea is that the parents have the opportunity to make some changes in their situation over the time that respite has been provided, so things are better for the whole family.

Viv has decided to ‘retire’ from her caregiving role with us and reflected on the wonderful rewards and positive changes she has seen with children and families she has supported, including normalising sleep and eating patterns. “Normalising and interacting with babies and children, helping them develop their social skills, little things, like simply sitting on the floor and playing with them, there are so many rewarding memories that I will treasure”.

If you are interested in opening your heart and home to become a caregiver there is more information on our website anglicanfamilycare.org.nz/supporter/be-a-caregiver or ring Ginnie 03 477 0801