Helen brings pre–loved clothes back to life for Otago children

By Joanna Jones | Posted: Wednesday October 12, 2016

Last week Anglican Family Care received a range of children’s jumpers and booties knitted by Helen from Dunedin.

Helen says she has been knitting “forever” and uses recycled wool from sweaters that have been unraveled. The technique, which Helen says she has been doing since she was young, involves soaking the wool in hot water and hanging it up to dry overnight. By doing this clever process Helen says she saves money as she doesn’t need to buy new wool. Her friends will often buy clothes from second hand shops for Helen to work her magic with.

Ninety-year-old Helen has a very busy lifestyle helping the community having volunteered at Dunedin Budget Advisory Service, Hospice and Meals on Wheels. She plans to continue this charitable lifestyle so long as she has her driver’s licence.

Director, Nicola Taylor says “We are thrilled to have supporters like Helen who devote their time to making Otago families warm and happy especially during the colder Otago nights.”

For more information on how to use recycled yarn visit http://www.craftstylish.com/item/9839/how-to-recycle-yarn-from-a-thrift-store-sweater/page/all

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