By John Whelan and Lucy Summers | Posted: Thursday October 20, 2016

Let us not forget our past – it is timely to reflect on where we have come from. 

Anglican Family Care is a social services agency that has served the people of Dunedin and Otago since 1970. Our main focus is children, young people and their families, but we also provide services that support individuals in need. Our services are for all people regardless of beliefs because we respect the values and beliefs of the Anglican Church, especially “To respond to human needs by loving service”. 

An organisation such as Anglican Family Care has, and continues, to rely on many supporters from within the wider community. We know these wonderful people as supporters, donors, caregivers, volunteers, champions, friends and mentors, and each has supported our work to help families navigate through dark times to enable their children to have a happy and healthy life. Without them, we cannot achieve all that we do and a big thank you must go out to all of you. 

We would like to capture all of those, and more, under the new title of “Shining Stars”. 

For more information about our Shining Stars initiative or to become a Shining Star, please contact Lucy on