Fun and free things to do with kids this summer

By Lucy Summers | Posted: Tuesday November 28, 2017

Having fun over the holidays with kids doesn't have to be expensive, whatever the weather may bring!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Feed the ducks and visit the playground at the botanical gardens.
  • Collect cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, funnels and shells and make a sand city in your sandpit or at the beach.
  • Write a list of scavenger hunt items for your kids to find in the garden or neighbourhood. 
  • Make cardboard medals and hold a mini Olympics with races, basketball shots, balancing, long jump into sand and an obstacle course. 
  • Stick down a large bit of paper and use sticks, leaves, flowers, spoons, forks or a fly swat to to add paint. 
  • For a treat, use a blindfold and have an icecream taste test. Get them to rate each one and see if they can name the flavours! 
  • Have a toy car wash with sponges and a bowl of soapy water (probably best outside!).
  •  Search for bugs in your garden or neighbourhood then draw them and count how many you find of each.
  • And if it rains... go to storytime at your local library.