Break the cycle of Period Poverty

By Anglican Family Care | Posted: Monday November 8, 2021

“Period poverty is an issue facing large numbers of individuals and whānau throughout Aotearoa. When an individual is unable to access adequate period products, they frequently miss school or work, and are forced to use substandard, unhygienic alternatives, such as toilet paper or rags.” – AWWA Period Care.

 It is a story that is reflected across women of all ages who cannot afford or access suitable period products, some of whom make the decision between nappies for their children or products for themselves, or even essential items such as food. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loss of dignity.

This is the message the students at St Hilda’s Collegiate School in Dunedin heard earlier this year when whānau worker Bushie visited.

They were then inspired to help our mums and rangatahi to overcome social embarrassment, stress and reduced self-esteem - the impact of period poverty. Students collectively, in their whānau groups, donated a range of products to support this cause.

St Hilda's students, alongside school chaplain Dr Townsley, display the collected products  — Image by: Anglican Family Care

We are now proud to partner with AWWA Period care, who have donated 150 pairs of period-proof underwear so our clients have a reusable, sustainable option in keeping with our commitment and focus on environmental sustainability.

Period-proof underwear, donated by AWWA Period Care, ready to be distributed — Image by: Anglican Family Care

If you would like to help, call 0800 FAM CARE, or email