Director's newsletter message: Autumn 2018

By Lucy Summers | Posted: Tuesday March 6, 2018

Welcome to our Autumn 2018 newsletter. This edition focuses on Otagos rural communities and the support our team can offer families and children during tough times.

In particular, you’ll hear about South Otago grandmother Jo, who is caring for her grandchildren. She and her husband felt isolated and fearful for their future, until they had support from our social worker.

I was so moved about the help and support… I can’t speak highly enough of Anglican Family Care.” Jo from South Otago

We know that many families in rural areas of Otago are facing a shortage of housing and high rent due to a fast growing population. When a family is in an already vulnerable situation, this can lead to further issues such as poverty, social isolation and high stress and even violence within a family.

This is when we can help. We’ll work closely with a family in their home to support them to get back on track.

Visit or call 0800 FAM CARE or 477 0801 to find out how you can help support Otago families too.

Kind regards
Nicola Taylor, Director

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