You Can Make A Difference

By Beth Stitely | Posted: Friday June 12, 2015

Recently we sent out a Thank You letter expressing our appreciation for a supporter. We wanted to make sure our donor knew  her contribution was making a difference and helping local families here in Otago....  Will you make a difference today?

Dear Donor,

We're writing to thank you for your recent donation to Anglican Family Care. As per your request, this money has been spent on firewood for a family here in Dunedin. We just wanted to pass along to you how grateful this family is for your generosity and kindness.

The family who received the firewood consists of a Mum with two school-age children. Although Mum works full-time, she still has trouble making ends meet due to school loan debt, health issues and no support from the father of her children. She’s basically living paycheck-to-paycheck. She tells me your donation has come at the perfect time because just this morning her car broke down and she was wondering where she could draw the money from to have it repaired.

Despite her hardships, Mum is still “finding the silver lining” as she fondly says. She tells me that although she’s struggling with finances and health issues she’s still able to see the big things that truly matter in life and says that “the kids are doing ok and that’s what matters at the end of the day.” She wants to express her thanks to you and that you “have made her day a brighter one.”

At Anglican Family Care, we strive to make our community a better place by helping families become stronger. Because of your support, we’re able to help those most in need. Thank you for your donation.


Please consider making a donation today. We'd love to help another family in our community.

Ways to Donate

(1) You can donate with a credit card by clicking HERE

(2) You can make an electronic payment: 

  • Account Name: Anglican Family Care Centre
  • Bank: Bank of New Zealand
  • Account Number: 02 0912 0018828 07
  • Particulars: Your Name
  • Reference: newsletter

(3) You can mail a cheque to:

           Anglican Family Care 

           266 Hanover Street

           Dunedin 9016


$1,500 enables a social worker to support a family for one year.

$ 750 enables a social worker to support a family for 3 months.

 $50 supports a one-off visit.

 $25 assists travel for a social worker

Thank you for your support!