Introducing new members of our Restorative Justice Otago team

By Lucy Summers | Posted: Thursday November 22, 2018

We've recently welcomed Maree McDonald, Kate Gilmore and Felicity Sutherland to the team. Find out about them and what they enjoy about restorative justice work.

Maree McDonald

"My name is Maree McDonald and I joined Anglican Family Care's Restorative Justice Otago team in July this year as Co-ordinator Support. I have three children aged 9, 7 and 4 and am married to Hamish.

I have a legal background and practised in family law and general practice until 2012. Since then I have worked as an Instructor for the Institute of Professional Legal Studies which I am combining with my Restorative Justice work. Life outside of work is busy – chasing after the children and their various activities and chairing the Board of Trustees at George Street Normal School. I am really enjoying working alongside such a skilled Restorative Justice Otago team who do amazing work in the community with care and compassion. "

Kate Gilmore
"My name is Kate Gilmore and I am the newest facilitator working for Restorative Justice Otago. I am the proud mother of a lovely boy who is almost two years old and I have another baby on the way.

I became a facilitator because I am passionate about the restorative process. I believe the most important asset in our community is the people and the positive relationships that we create and nurture.

Everyone has a story, and listening is an important part of Restorative Justice. Talking about how a person perceives an event and how it has impacted them can help people heal and move forward. Restorative Justice also allows people to learn and grow in a nurturing environment.

I am thoroughly enjoying the meaningful work that I am involved in at Restorative Justice Otago and I am learning a lot from the wonderful team of facilitators. "

Felicity Sutherland
"Hi, I’m Felicity Sutherland. I have lived in NZ for over 30 years now, having spent my earlier years in Tanzania in East Africa, and then England.

I came to live in Dunedin more recently and this feels like home now. I am blessed with three children who fill my days with much pleasure. I enjoy gardening, travelling, reading, interior decorating, having good conversations - and good coffee!

My professional background is in nursing, retail management and counselling. Nowadays I occupy myself with a number of roles including workplace chaplaincy, counselling and some professional supervision. Adding to these interests, I consider myself privileged to have become part of the Restorative Justice team. I was drawn to the role of facilitator by a long-held interest in the idea of truth and reconciliation, as a way of working through an offence.

I have been so encouraged by the work that has been done to progress this within the NZ court system and hope over time to make my own small contribution."