Tēna Koutou Katou

By Mike Williams | Posted: Wednesday May 1, 2024

Welcome to our Autumn/Winter 2024 edition of our Community Connect newsletter.

We share two client stories, the first themes on the transformative power of support and education, and how parenting interventions like Circle of Security helped parents, Lauren & Josh navigate challenges within their whānau. Supported by our Home-based Family Support team in Dunedin, Lauren shares their journey and highlights the importance of seeking assistance, and how learning effective communication techniques, benefited their whānau, helping create a nurturing environment for their tamariki to thrive emotionally.

Our second story emphasises the significance of perseverance in the face of adversity, as seen through Amber’s journey from unexpected pregnancy and relationship difficulties to navigating the Covid-19 pandemic as a new mother – to where she is today in pursuit of a career in paramedicine. We share her journey as she worked alongside her Family Start Whānau Worker, who provided essential guidance and encouragement.