Press Release - Budgeting Services

By Anglican Family Care | Posted: Monday October 17, 2016

Anglican Family Care budgeting services

17 October, 2016

As part of a group of Otago organisations, we recently put in a tender to continue to provide budgeting services to people throughout Otago communities. Last week we were notified that our tender had not been successful.

We offer our full congratulations to the organisations that have been successful. We acknowledge that there will be challenges ahead, but wish them the very best. We will be working closely with our current budgeting services’ clients to ensure the best possible transition for them to the new service providers from 1 November. Anglican Family Care is proud of the services we have offered our clients and are confident this will continue with the new providers.

We continue to provide a range of other services to families throughout Otago that enable children to have happy and healthy lives.